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Mewari Kharghosh (roast rabbit, chilli, corn curry) by 3 times British BBQ champion and celebrity chef @chefabdul_y for National Curry Week. Rajasthan is the “Land of Kings and Kingdoms”. It is perhaps the most colourful state in India, considering most cities have a colour associated with it. There have been “Mewaris and Marwaris” (both having a Rajput foundation) with the Mughal empire bringing in the Islamic influence and the British building their colonies, all of which has led to the vibrant culture and cuisine of #Rajasthan #nationalcurryweek #chefabdulyaseen #royalindian #rajasthanifood #ncsupperclubs #ayhospitality #privatechef #chefssocial #fortheloveoffood


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I'll try it but I admit I'll probably eat the corn gravy and leave the meat behind.

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